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May 28, 2008
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OC - Van C. Whiskey by Spaniel122 OC - Van C. Whiskey by Spaniel122
My OC...I've tried everything to get him correct XD I think I did this time, I like his look.

Name: Van C. Whiskey
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Society Rank (RP thing): Lower / Under-class
Hair: Bleached-blonde
Fur: Tan
Eyes: Bright/Neon green
Markings: Glowing bands under eyes
Species: Canine
Sport: Volley-ball


The Great Crisis of 2021. Technology is at a standstill, no different than it has ever been, man's been rather dull. And yet, we're so dependant on electricity, man could change if we lost it even for a day...yet alone life.

Last day of school- night -, a group of teenagers, including Van - the captain of the school's volleyball team - decide to go to a rave at a local dance. Glow sticks are given out, an old trend from the 'Old-Folk' days.

Suddenly, a crash from the distance, the sky is filled with strange, dark smoke, the sun blocked away left with glowing fires from a far. All electricity is lost, panic is amuck. Turns out a meteaor had crashed, causing chaos.

The sudden rush of radioactivity from the impact caused all the glowsticks from the rave to explode, seeping into the teens' skins. They soon developed strange markings on their bodies, and their eyes became solid color - the same color as their given glow-stick. In return, they would glow too.

As the chaos was everywhere in the city, the teens stumbled out to the fires, and soon found refuge in the outer slums of the town.

Now a year or so later, the teens who became 'infected', are now considered lower class scum. The society is in shambles, everyone struggling for light, using said glowsticks for basic light. People have died their hair white, or brighter to be seen, but amung the dark, the 'infected' glow.

Now Van must try to mingle with the other 'infected scum' to get by in this twisted, literal dark society of Downtown.


Hey all <3 If you want to be part of this story plot, lets make a site, a group and make a continuous Rp! You can either be an infected, like Van, but we can't have too many. Or a normal person of society, either against or for the protection and well being of the infectids.

Van C. Whiskey and Story (c) Span
Drawings (c) Span
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Houkou-NRL Jun 14, 2008   Traditional Artist
Hmm... This sounds neat. (Also sounds like my kind of rp XD)

He's cute. ^_^
Thank you to both <3 Once it comes to view, we'll announce it.
Houkou-NRL Jun 18, 2008   Traditional Artist
Oh, goodie. Expect me there? I'd hope so! *would go now to come up with some good ideas but she NEEDS to be focussing on the blank page in her room* >.< Darned Art projects...
I just saw that I missed this.
How cool!
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